IBM Virtual Console Software

IBM Virtual Console Software 4.0

Added Migragtion Wizard to support appliance that have OBWI
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IBM Rack/Storage Enclosure.
Problems Fixed
- 16 Gig Thumbrive subdirectories showing garbage
- OBWI: Appliance rebooted when attempting to add a User
- Appliance reboots when accessing mapped VM thumbdrive on Solaris10 target
- Error message is displayed when accessing FW Client's Help page on Suse and Solaris
- Generic Add Appliance Wizard is missing property strings
- Selection of servers still allowed when Device Type is "Other"
- Disconnecting Flash drive causes KVM to freeze/crash in Oscar
- VM: Some USB Keys get a read error. " A read error has occurred. The mapped drive will be unmapped."
- The appliance factory default sets the IP configuration setting to “None”.
- VM: Vista : The target servers failed to boot from a bootable virtual media USB flash drive.
- After un-mapping and un-mounting the USB device from the client, the virtual media Removable devices line does not get removed from the Redhat 5 virtual
- FW Client during installation does not allow user to "Delete existing database".
- Help page does not display in HTTP/HTPS port dialog window.

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